Welcome to the Author Page of Dallas G. Bozeman.

After years in and out of war-torn countries, post traumatic stress, injuries, and substance abuse, Dallas struggled to lead his family the way he had led others in combat. Faced with the decision to abandon it all or live for something bigger than himself, a story of grace, perseverance and passion emerged.

Dallas lives in Katy, TX with is wife and their three children. After completing 11 years of active service, Dallas decided it was time for a new chapter with his family and a chance to pursue his passion for leadership and changing lives. Initially working minimum-wage jobs and powering through a turbulent transition, Dallas is now a Senior Lecturer/ Keynote Speaker/ and Performance Manager for Deepwater Subsea, LLC. He lives his dream as the curriculum designer and Instructor of Advanced Leadership.

His combat recognitions include The Bronze Star, (2) Purple Hearts, and numerous Commendations. He was also recognized as the Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year (Military Technician) and awarded the  Air Combat Command Pitsenbarger Award for Heroism.

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