Dallas was born in Northwest Alabama. In 2003 he joined the Air Force, later graduating from the elite Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal School in 2004. His career took him all over the world, serving in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He went on to serve four combat tours to Iraq, Southern and Eastern Afghanistan. His career allowed him the privilege of working with the 1st Royal Canadian Regiment, Afghan Special Forces and Joint Special Operations Command-Afghanistan. Throughout his career, Dallas was known for an attitude of perseverance and his ability to lead in life-threatening situations.

Unknown to even those closest to him, Dallas’ journey wasn’t as it appeared. The suffering and death he saw men endure left him doubting God’s sovereignty and where he fit in His bigger picture. Turning to alcohol, abusing prescriptions, late nights and at-risk behavior, Dallas soon found himself hopelessly lost and barely holding on to what remained of his young family. One morning, Dallas found himself alone in the kitchen floor surrounded by broken pill bottles, a pistol, and a choice. Could the man who lead in combat be courageous enough to start leading his home?

After 8 years of addiction, he asked God to take control of his life and mold him for a purpose with Kingdom impact. Over the next year Dallas learned that to overcome anything in life, you must win the fight one moment at a time. Now, Dallas and his wife Kimberly have shared their story with families across the nation with a passion for restoring relationships.

Dallas currently serves as the Office Director at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters in Andrews, NC.